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"Az ausztrál gyerekek annál a falnál ülnek a földön."

Translation:The Australian children sit on the ground by that wall.

October 4, 2016



Surely they are sitting on the ground...since floor is padló...


Padló is a built floor specifically, but föld covers it as well. Föld is basically "what you're walking on" - floor, ground, earth, or Earth.


Is there some reason, "The Australian children are sitting on the ground at that wall." is wrong? When I took Hungarian classes, teachers tended to favor translating "nal" "nel" as "at" and not by, which in english too closely operates like the post position "mellett".


You're right. We could say "at the wall" or "against the wall" for translating "a falnál".


Yes. I agree. They are sitting on the ground next to the wall.


How would you say "the children by the wall sit on the ground", that is "by the wall" is part of the subject?


Fascinating. I listened to this a few times and struggled to decide whether she was saying fánál or falnál. In the end, I opted for fánál and it was marked correct!

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