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  5. "Εγώ βάζω."

"Εγώ βάζω."

Translation:I put.

October 4, 2016



Is an object unnecessary here?


I was wondering the same thing...

Maybe this could be a part of a conversation where two people discuss how they cook a certain recipe. One of them would say I don't put onions in the salad, because "reasons" (Εγώ δεν βάζω κρεμμύδια στην σαλάτα, επειδή ...). The other one could reply Εγώ βάζω.

Another possibility would be when a child who is just learning how to speak wants to make sure that his/her parents will allow him/her to put the thing where it needs to be.


It's baby steps. Just go with it.


What does this mean? I put what? I put (the plat on the shelf)?


The lotion in the basket.

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