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"Những người lính đang bắt đầu đổ bộ."

Translation:The soldiers are starting to land.

October 4, 2016



Does đổ bộ apply to something like an airplane landing as well?


Nope, airplanes "đáp" (land) or "hạ cánh" (to lower their wings). Also the word đổ is Northern Vietnamese for 'parking' while in the South is 'đậu'. Bộ means to walk. The word airplane can either be máy bay or phi cơ as well just as an FYI. :) Phi cơ is more old school, and even the word airport can be sân bay or phi trường. Phi trường is preferred by many older Southern speakers esp. those overseas.


So what situations does "đổ bộ" apply to? As far as I can think at the moment, in English we only really use "to land" to talk about boats or planes, but based on your description splitting the world into "parking" and "walk" it doesn't seem like "đổ bộ" would apply to either of those situations. Can you help me understand?


I'm assuming this applies to something like the D Day landings? So to describe the landing of troops or soldiers on the ground - either when they disembark from boats or from a plane?


"The soldiers begin to land" ?


Because the Vietnamese sentence used "đang bắt đầu", it could either mean "starting" or "beginning". I hope that helps.


From Chinese 徒步 ‘be on foot’

  • Mandarin: túbù
  • Cantonese: tòuh bouh
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