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  5. "Wczoraj była burza."

"Wczoraj była burza."

Translation:Yesterday there was a storm.

October 4, 2016



How would you say "thunderstorm" in Polish?


Hm, burza z piorunami. From what I think burza itself includes that there were thunderbolts. Strong wind only - wichura from wicher (strong wind, normal wind is wiatr)

You could try to use Google Image to compare the meaning of the words (maybe it is not that personalized). I got:Polish ones:

burza - over 90% with thunderbolts (the number of lightnings is however much exaggerated, one would suffice) example wichura - broken trees, rain, less than 5% of images had thunderbolts best example other example

Any kind of whirlwind are rather rare and are called trąba powietrzna. Usually they affect the area not bigger than a single place. Huragan (hurricane) appear in the news from USA. Tajfun (typhoon) - hm has it happened somewhere in Asia? The biggest thing in Poland is probably Orkan (I assume the name came from German).

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