"Life and death."

Translation:Ο θάνατος και η ζωή.

October 4, 2016

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The answer has the words the wrong way round - it should be η ζωή και ο θάνατος.


The Greek can't be changed, however, for the Eng. we accept both: "life and death" or "death and life.". However, the standard phrase in Eng. is "Life and death" a siamese twin collocation. You wouldn't say it's a "death and life" situation. I've switched them around so from now on "death and life" will appear first. And the other as an alternative. We're teaching Greek here, right! :-) Thanks for the comment.


I do wish you'd pass some of these comments on to some of the other courses, Jaye. They really don't seem to have got their heads around standard collocations at all.


Would if I could. Hi, Luscinda. thanks for the comment.


Thanks Jaye. I just had a bit of a frustrating time in one practice lesson where it was asking me to translate "life and death" but kept telling me I was wrong to write "η ζωή και ο θάνατος".


Yes, so I'd imagine. Now, it's been changed so others won't have a similar experience. But to me, even the Greek (Ο θάνατος και η ζωή) sounds wrong. I'll have to ask those more in the know and perhaps even that will be edited. I thank you for bringing this to our attention.

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