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  5. "Angels really exist!"

"Angels really exist!"

Translation:Những thiên thần thật sự tồn tại!

October 4, 2016



Doesn't sự tồn tại mean existence, not exist?


Yes but the word sự in this case is part of the word thật-sự. I know it's confusing because Vietnamese separates every syllable instead of every "word". If we wrote that sentence word for word then it would look something like:

Những-thiên-thần thật-sự tồn-tại


Nhữngthiênthần thậtsự tồntại


I was marked wrong for writing: "Những thiên thần thật sự tồn tại!" because DL said it should be "Những vị thiên thần thật sự tồn tại!" Is vị a classifier that is required even after using những?


Vị (from Chinese 位) is a classifier for higher standing/ranking persons and is such quite formal while những is the pluraliser. You don't really need vị so you should've been marked right.

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