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All of the examples in this unit refer to "we"... For example, "Bu kitabı okuyalım?" is translated as "Shall we read this book?". How would you specify that you were speaking only about yourself? Does "Ben bu kitabı okuyalım?" mean "Shall I read this book?" or does this suffix only exist for the "we"?

10/4/2016, 11:41:22 PM


It's the subjunctive mood:

  • Ben okuyayım
  • Sen okuyasın
  • O okuya
  • Biz okuyalım
  • Siz okuyasınız
  • Onlar okuyalar

But this mood is dying in standard Turkish. Only the "biz" and the "ben" forms are used for "shall". The second person singular and plural is sometimes used in subordinate clauses, especially with -ebil (Ex: Bu kitabın yazıları sen okuyabilesin diye büyük yazılmış. = The font used in this book is purposefully big so that you can read.) The third persons are practically dead in standard Turkish, though they can be heard in dialects and in literature.

10/5/2016, 12:05:50 AM

Thank you!

10/5/2016, 12:42:19 AM

"Bu kitabı okuyalım." sentence should be translated as "Let's read this book."

10/5/2016, 5:43:45 AM

Yes, but as a question like in snazzysusan's example, it's "Shall we read this book?"

10/9/2016, 6:45:21 PM
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