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  5. "Το κτίριο είναι τέλειο."

"Το κτίριο είναι τέλειο."

Translation:The building is perfect.

October 4, 2016



I think "the building is complete" and "the building is finished" should both be acceptable translations. τέλειο has that alternative meaning and complete makes more sense than perfect in the context of a building.


It did have that alternate meaning in ancient greek. In modern greek it has the meaning that it is finished completely so that it is perfect (need nothing more to be done) and is used for "perfect". Complete or finished would be τελειωμένο/ολοκληρωμένο.


Interesting, thanks. My Oxford pocket Eng-Gr dictionary just gave τέλειος as the first adj when you look up complete in English (but τέλειος apparently does have perfect as the first translation), so I assumed it was a shade of meaning based on context thing. I'm happy to stick with perfect as the translation, but I'm curious...Could the acceptability of using τέλειος to mean complete be regional or generational? The Greeks I worked with over the summer seemed to understand what I meant and let me get away with it (but there were MUCH worse errors to correct).


Well, if something is perfect, it must be complete. P.e: if you have to clean the kitchen(!) and you say "Η κουζίνα είναι τέλεια=the kitchen is perfect" it means that you cleaned it apprently (and brought it to perfect condition), but if you say "η δουλειά είναι τέλεια" it would never mean "the work is done/finished/completed". It would mean "the work is perfect"

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"το κτήριο είναι τέλειο" should be accepted - I'm pretty sure that κτήριο is an acceptable variant of κτίριο, and it sounds exactly the same too.


How do you pronounce this - I having a lot of trouble with things like κτ & χτ


It really is just as it's written. Imagine saying the letters by themselves slowly - κ, τ (like you were beatboxing really poorly xD) and just say it quicker


«Το κτήριο είναι τέλειο» as well as the other one with «κίτρινο» were both marked as wrong when written with ήτα instead of ιώτα. (5 Jul 2020)


Both "κτήριο" and ""κτίριο" are correct and accepted spelling. In this sentence either would be correct. Therefore, if your sentence wasn't accepted it was due to something else. You should have made a REPORT

For the word "yellow" there is only one correct spelling. "κίτρινο" But since we have no idea which sentence you mean, nor what the problem was we can't help.

How to make a report.

Go to the bottom of the exercise page where you'll see "REPORT"

Click on that:

Then choose what you want to REPORT:

-My answer should be accepted. This is the one you should click on if your translation was not accepted.

After choosing the REPORT you want to make you should post on the comment page.

Please do not post comments about rejected sentences if you have not first made a REPORT


I did make a report for this sentence, is it not showing up? As for the other one, it’s been a while since the other one appeared so I don’t remember if I reported that one, too.


I'm afraid no Report is shown in our incubator.


I just realised I switched them up in my original comment, and I reported the other one recently instead of this one, but still, that’s weird. I’ll report them again when they pop up one more time (if I remember to do them “incorrectly”, that is)

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