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"Tôi đang rất buồn bị viêm màng túi."

Translation:I am very sad because of being broke.

October 5, 2016



I think "I am very sad because I am broke" should be accepted


I agree with all the others. "Because of being broke" is not good English. There needs to be a subject for this clause.


Why is "dang" used here? Isn't "toi rat buon" enough?


Đang is a marker for something that is/was/will be in the process of happening. It's equivalent to the English suffix -ing or 'in the state of'. I'll give you 3 examples:

  1. Hôm qua trong khi tôi đang ngủ... = Yesterday while I was sleeping...

  2. Tôi đang ở trường học = I'm (currently) at school

  3. Tôi sẽ ngủ ở trên máy bay trong lúc bạn đang còn làm bài thi = I will be sleeping on the plane while you are still doing your exam


How about: Tôi rất buồn vì tôi bị viêm măng túi


DL rejected "I am sad because I am broke." This sentence doesn't mean anyone else is broke, does it?


Nothing to see here .. Just amotger bad sentence lol


what does this literally translate as?

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