"Anh ấy không bao giờ che chở tôi."

Translation:He never protects me.

October 5, 2016



Is there a difference between che cho and bao ve?

October 5, 2016


che chở means to protect in the sense of to defend, to shelter, to shield, to cover up for someone.

December 18, 2017


bảo vệ is from Chinese 保衛

Mandarin bǎowèi

Cantonese bou2wai6

che chở is native Vietnamese.

October 8, 2016


Is it just me or is the audio for thia one really hard to understand?

October 22, 2017


I think the voice actor really rushed this. As a southerner, I do find it hard to understand his accent sometimes. Especially when he rushes. However, since we can read the sentence as well, I can hear each word clearly. Practice makes perfect. Good luck!

January 25, 2018
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