"The recent test."

Translation:Το πρόσφατο τεστ.

October 5, 2016

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τεστ is not a Greek word, Test in Greek means δοκιμή or εξέταση


I agree! another Greek word for "test" is "έλεγχος" Unfortunately modern Greeks don't care preserving their language and DL doesn't help either!


Instead of the word "τεστ" you can use the Greek word "διαγώνισμα" to mean a school test. "Εξέταση" is also right, but from my understanding it's mostly used to mean "examination" (more formal and final test).


The first hint for test was "εξέταση ", but it was not accepted.


επιτρέπεται να χρησιμοποιεί η λέξη Διαγώνισμα για τεστ


Not every test is an exam. Διαγώνισμα only describes a written school exam, as Yiannis49 explains in his comment. Then you have tests/τεστ that may be for academic or diagnostic purposes for example. The sentence here does not provide any context one way or another so if you use διαγώνισμα you are narrowing down the context in your translation.
I suggest looking up the pages for the 'related' words both in EN and in GR on a dictionary that offers usage examples, like wordreference. If you move from one page to another (διαγώνισμα - exam - τεστ) you will get a better idea about where the overlap is between the two languages.


In this case we can also use the Greek word άσκηση, which we use at school when we have to answer the questions in a test.


There is another word, which is more sophisticated: ερωτηματολόγιο, what do you think?

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