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"Mae'r imâm yn arwain gweddi yn y mosg."

Translation:The imam is leading prayer in the mosque.

October 5, 2016



The English is wrong: you can lead "a prayer", or "prayers" (the most normal), but not just "prayer".


Our religious correspondent, who is also a journalist, has confirmed that he 'leads prayer' as well as 'leads prayers'.


Then I have to accede to his superior knowledge. I have just never heard that.


The hover-hint gives 'leading prayers' [note the plural] as the first option for arwain gweddi. I used this version in my answer and it was accepted. However, I understand that there is a plural form gweddïau, so that in theory 'prayers' should not be an admissible rendering of the singular gweddi. May we have a clarification on this?


arwain gweddi is usually translated as 'leading prayer', but some people would also say 'leading prayers' in English for this. In this particular context, the Welsh singular gweddi would be used for both English versions.

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