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  5. "Le gatte mangiano pesce."

"Le gatte mangiano pesce."

Translation:The cats eat fish.

February 7, 2013



Wait, I thought the plural was 'i gatti'. I know 'la gatta' is used for a female cat, and 'le gatte' is used if every cat in question is female; but the plural form of 'il gatto' shuld be 'i gatti'.


I think you are right. They are talking about a lot of female cats hence "le gatte" is correct. If they were a lot of boy cats then it would be "i gatti." However, I think very few people can be sure of what gender a whole load of cats might be so it's unlikey to come up in conversation too often :)


Chirs is right, Furthermore '...mangiano pesce' is almost never used. What you see so often above is 'mangia del pesce'. It means 'some of fish'


I think the point of this exercise is to listen well and to be able to distinguish the vowel sounds that you are hearing. I got dinged for pluralizing the fish, but I will listen more carefully next time.


the cat - masculine singular = il gatto the cat - masculine plural = i gatti the cat - feminine singular = la gatta the cat - feminine plural = le gatte

From the dictation it's difficult to tell if it's il pesce (ms) or i peschi (mp)


I figured I'd clarify the gender issue with animals such as cats,
as Due seems to be unaware┬╣ that it could use the (English) gender specific words for cat:

  • Il Gatto - The tomcat. (Male cat, singular)
  • I gatti - The tomcats. (Male cats, plural)
  • La gatta - The molly. (Female cat, singular)
  • Le gatte - The mollies. (Female cats, plural)

You also have two other terms for female cats in English:

  • Queen - a pregnant or nursing molly.
  • Dam - a term reserved exclusively for rare or purebred female felines during the act of recording or maintaining ancestral records for cat breeding.

These are obviously not as commonly used as their equivalents in Italian,
as English is mainly a noun gender-less language, but they still are.
For other animals as well.
(e.g., cavalla - mare, cavallo - colt/stallion - puledro /stallone)

┬╣ Unaware, or decided that gender-specific words for animals are
not widely enough known, as courses in English might be taken
by many non native English speakers.


"Mollies" is not accepted... I just tried. Does Duolingo need to brush up on its English?


bahh, i couldnt tell if she said pesce or pecsi so i assumed plurals coz made more sence that many cats eat many fish.. what is the to distinguish between those? like "many" in english..


Because the "pesce" in the setence is in the meaning of food and not animal (just like if it was beef instead of cow). Thus, it is not countable, just like in english. That's the why it's not in plural form, pesci.


thank you that makes sense


Same, i took plural form of pesce as well, asuming it would be so. It is the plural section after all.


You'll never hear someone use the verb 'mangiare' with a direct definitive object such as 'pesce' or 'pasta' etc without the use of an article such as 'la' (pasta) or the preposition 'di'. This sentence may be correct on some technical level I'm not aware of, but an Italian would correct you every time if you said a phrase like this.


It also seems (in reference to fish being plural or not) that it would be "the cats eat THE fish if it were singular. Without the article it sort of implies that there is more than one fish (or that it is fish in general--like I do, or don't, eat meat). I think this is where the "conversational reality" should be considered. Not likely I will be talking about the cat eating fish or fishes!


I heard mangia, Duolingo really needs to work on their voice actor/software/whatever.


is gatte cats? what is gatti?


"le gatte" is "female cats", while "i gatti" is "male cats"


How to pronounce "pesce"?


I was aware of the cats gender and tried "pussycats" for a change.... No "mollies" in the red corrected text, but just "cats". I think there's room for improvement here. For me it worked... I increased my english vocabulary thanks to Gh0stwheel


isnt cats "gatti? Why gatte?


I thought the plural for cat was i gatti so why is le gatte???


It should be " I gatti "


I was not sure either. Anybody knows?


"Pesce" is fish, singular. "Pesci" is fish, plural. If I translate "le gatte mangiano pesce" as "the cats eat a fish," why is that incorrect?


because it didn't say un pesce, I think

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