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  5. "The young men are in shirts."

"The young men are in shirts."

Translation:A fiatal férfiak ingben vannak.

October 5, 2016



What is the vital difference between "on somebody is something" (like a gyerekeken nadrág van) and "somebody is in something" (like this here férfiak ingben vannak)?


I am confused about this too! When is it ferfiakan and when is it ingben? (Not sure if I used the correct vowel harmony feel free to correct ....)


Why not "ingekben vannak"? I can see that the sentence above would be understood and probably more often used, but is it wrong to use the plural?


It's not grammatically wrong, but if you told me A fiatal férfiak ingekben vannak then I would expect that each young man is wearing multiple shirts. Maybe it's cold out, or they just like layers.


Why not "... vannak ingben."?


shirts = ingek de a hülye fordító mit tud?

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