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Removing topics

Hi I was wondering if as a teacher we can remove the topics that include alcohol, beer, etc and flirting. I know these are situations that people encounter, but it is not appropriate for young students. I am not talking about high school students but young elementary. I understand that students know about these things but we are not allowed to promote these situations. TIA I really hope that this can be resolved as my students LOVE duolingo but I cannot continue if these topics cannot be removed. I have already clicked on the enable all topics/words button and it does nothing for these words. I wish we could choose words

October 5, 2016



Hi! You can disable certain words in your classroom's privacy settings. Select the little cog (settings) symbol in the classroom and go to your classroom's settings.

and deselect "Enable all words"

If a student who is enrolled in that particular classroom is still seeing words that are problematic for you, please share a screenshot with us, as it should not be happening and we will need to look into it as a bug.


alcohol, beer, etc

Yes, by disabling those words in the options (=uncheck the checkbox) then save the changes.
See detailed explanations (with screenshots) in the Duo schools' support page.

and flirting.

As far as I know you can't in the settings.
But you can tell your student that you forbid them to "lingot-buy" the flirting bonus skill
and explain what the "malus" you'd give them if they would (for example forcing a restart from scratch of their progress on the tree, it should have them thinking it twice before going against your will ;) ).
If they don't "lingot-buy" it, they'll not be expose to its content.


I teach in an elementary school and I was trying to remove the bonus skills topic specially the flirting one and so far Duolingo doesn't give any option to disable this topic. I hope this can be fixed very soon.

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