"Az ágyakhoz egerek futnak oda, nem pedig kutyák."

Translation:Mice are running to the beds, and not dogs.

October 5, 2016



Why the "oda" here? I translated this as "Mice run over there to the beds ...". Would this not be more in the spirit of the sentence?

October 5, 2016


"Oda" gives the sentence a sense of completeness, emphasizing that the action will reach its intended goal. That is, the mice are not just running toward the beds, they arrive there, too.

October 5, 2016


I think Daniel’s right. They have to accept that some people will add extra words we think might be needed in the translation and accept. Add a little note to explain the way you have but accept there in the translation. We’re all still feeling our way into Hungarian and none of us will ever feel Hungarian like a native

April 20, 2018


------- if you're still feeling your way into hungarian (like i am ), you might find the word bank to be very helpful . . .

Big 20 jun 18

June 20, 2018


Ok, so if someone was moving in the direction of a bed, but not actually going to it (let's say, for whatever reason, I'm moving towards the bed but will stop a foot or two away from it) would you still use agyhoz, just not oda since they aren't actually going all the way to the bed? Or am I misunderstanding the distinction your trying to make?

April 8, 2019


Here "itt" near me. There "ott" To the beds "oda" A position I B position Bed "Ott" i am now B position "Oda" i am going from A to B Sorry i know the answer but i cant tell this.

September 25, 2018


ffs these sentences feel like a machine composed them

April 8, 2019
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