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"A medve a folyónál ül és ebédel."

Translation:The bear is sitting by the river and is eating lunch.

October 5, 2016



What about "The bear is sitting and eating lunch by the river"? Is there any way to determine whether folyónál applies to one or both verbs?


Well, since it does not make any difference (if she is sitting at the river, she is not having lunch somewhere else), I guess both versions could be accepted.


Can it be, "The bear by the river is sitting and having lunch."


------- this makes it sound as if there is another bear up a tree, for example, and the speaker wants to be really clear which bear she's talking about . . .

Big 25 feb 19


Is there in English any other way to explaine the animal ''having lunch''


for some reason, despite 'having lunch' is one of the two options give it is not accepted. Not the first time I encounter this. Difficult to guess which of the given options have been deemed to be the 'correct' one...


Very bad example,i think that bear only eat and not the any lunch

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