"Björnen dricker vatten."

Translation:The bear is drinking water.

October 5, 2016



The translation of the sentence "Björnen dricker vatten" as "The bear drinks the water" is wrong! Why?

October 5, 2016


If you're translating from swedish to english, it should be "The bear drinks water".

Vatten = water
Vattnet = the water

Björnen dricker vatten = The bear drinks water
Björnen dricker vattnet = The bear drinks the water

October 6, 2016


Correct, of course. Just a hint: if you add two spaces after a line, it'll put a line break for you. Otherwise it'll just continue on the previous line, as you noticed. :)

October 6, 2016


That would be Björnen dricker vattnet.

Vatten is neuter, so it takes ett.

October 5, 2016
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