"Who is celebrating with me?"

Translation:Pwy sy'n dathlu gyda fi?

October 5, 2016



Why is "sy'n" used instead of "mae'n" with "pwy"?

October 5, 2016


It is just that Welsh requires the relative form of the verb here - 'Who is (it that is) doing something...?'

  • Pwy sy'n dathlu?
  • Pwy sy'n canu?
  • Pwy sy'n dod i'r dafarn gyda Sioned a fi?
  • Pwy sy'n licio gramadeg Cymraeg?

Compare that with 'Who is the (something)?':

  • Pwy ydy'r tala yma? - Who is the tallest here?
  • Pwy ydy'r rheolwr? - Who is the manager?

mae can be used with Pwy...?, but only in rather more complicated patterns. For example:

  • Pwy mae Sioned yn ei churo yn ei gêm? - Who is Sioned beating in her match?
October 5, 2016


When the question word is the subject of the sentence, "sy'n" is used instead of "mae'n" (see e.g. King 2003, p. 100-101)

January 9, 2017
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