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Activity stream: Missing Activities

Hello, I have two things to report and one request :)

I'm on Windows7/Firefox.

Some users were being harassed today via Activity streams and in Discussions. When I investigated the people who had violated the guidelines, I noticed that only some of their activity, not all of it, was showing up in both cases.

At first I thought that the delete button was working again and assumed that the moderator ability to see deleted content didn't apply to Activity streams. However, I'm also subscribed to some of the discussions where they were commenting. I wasn't receiving email notifications for those comments that were also missing from the user's Activity streams.

If moderators don't have the ability to see deleted content on Activity streams in general, will Duolingo make a change so that we can see that content in the same way as we can see it in Discussions?

February 12, 2014



As someone who saw the posts in question, I can attest to the fact that those were harassing posts, and that they somehow disappeared.


Hi Eriklover555,

I deleted them from the Discussion itself. But, I meant that most of them didn't show up in the users Activity stream, even before I had deleted them from Discussion.


Oh, I know. They showed up on my activities tab, and then disappeared. I didn't actually see any discussion posts which concerned them. I wasn't even aware we could delete activity posts until they disappeared from mine.

Mainly, I was piping up in case you needed any outside verification of the abusive posts, though. Although the one I saw wasn't as bad as I have seen it, it had no business being on anyone's activity screen.


this was three years ago

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