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  5. "Who made red ones?"

"Who made red ones?"

Translation:Ki csinált pirosakat?

October 5, 2016




Geeze, and I thought here I was supposed to just put the T before the definite suffix, and voilá. It happens there is a whole new table for Past Definite/Indefinite.

Hungarian makes me wanna cry... =/


You will be smiling at the end, because, for the future tense, you will have to learn one single verb and its conjugation. Ain't that just wonderful. :)


A lingot for such an uplifting comment! =D


Please don't be disappointed. We are happy that you are trying to learn our difficult but wonderful language. It is like a Sudoku or a mind-breaker game. Great gym for the brain! Greetings from Hungary to all of you, Duo users!:)


Thank you! It is exactly how i


Many people wouldn't even use the word 'csinál' in Hungarian. We would rather say 'készít'. Ki készített pirosakat?


Ki pirasokat csinalt/Why this word order is wrong?Please tell me.

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This word order is rather unnatural. ( pirasokat??? - pirosakat )


The translation is correct, but this sounfs like a nonsense question in both languages. The only eay thid works is of "red ones" was the official name of something. If its a description then it should be "THE red ones" in english and "A pirosakat" in Hungarian


Which makes it difficult to choose between the indefinite or definite conjugation! In my mind I was thinking of it as being 'the' rather than 'some', but it's a bit ambiguous in English in such a short sentence and no context.


I said "Ki készitett a pirosakat?" and still got burned. I am still messed up with that "a".


Why is "készitett" not accepted? We are told that it's the "wrong word". Is it?


The prompt suggests készített! But it's marked wrong.

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