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"Οι γονείς πρόκειται να γράψουν ένα γράμμα."

Translation:The parents are going to write a letter.

October 5, 2016



Just a general comment about this whole "πρόκειται" thing. I think it is being presented as a form of future tense that is as common as "be going to", which is not accurate. It is definitely less common and not really a grammaticalised construction of the future tense (i.e. unlike "θα + verb"). It is more of an equivalent to"be about to" than "be going to".


Thanks for this insight @elliest_5. I was wondering about this phrase too, as I usually use "Θα" instead in practice. So it sounds like this translation should be "The parents are about to write a letter" ?


But then they also use it with "σε λίγο" so how do you make sense of "they are about to write a letter in a little while"? With my letter-writing, that wouldn't mean a thing.


The "going to" sentences in the new tree will be translated as "θα", which is the more natural translation, so it will be better for everyone, I guess xD


Why γράψουν and not γράφουν ?

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