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  5. "Haben wir eine Beziehung?"

"Haben wir eine Beziehung?"

Translation:Do we have a relationship?

February 7, 2013



Is this a common phrase? As in are we dating? Would someone say this in Germany?


It's one of those questions that if you ever have to ask then the answer is "no."


Ja, you could say that in Germany. I mean... it's not colloquially what they'd say, but it is correct.


how can i say "are we dating? " in German?


Machen wir eine Date?


Agreed, spot on. The nearest English translations imho mean:

<h1>relational</h1> <h1>respect</h1> <h1>relationship</h1> <h1>relation</h1>

They can form a sentence as in married/common law Cousins etc

I prefer for commited relationship (as in husband/wife etc)

ehelichte geheiratet verheiratet

Although its probably too direct in text & can be lost in translation but in social speech other German speakers i know get what i mean


I have the same question.


Hahaha, nowadays this is a very used question in Spain, because people start going out without being in a relationship ("friends with benefits"), and only after some months they can ask each other or decide if they are in a relationship, so I thought this is a very useful phrase!! LOL


"Do we have a relationship" as in "are we dating" or as in "are we related by blood"? Are both correct?


"Are we in a relationship" was accepted. I have a feeling that if Duo accepts it and it is not a word for word translation, then it is the right one. Jojouichanco, above, tried "Are we related" and failed. I think this is a strong sign that the correct meaning is "are we dating?"


Thanks for testing that out


Why is "are we related" wrong?
It's more common for people to ask "are we related" rather than "do we have a relationship."
So are we translating word-for-word or are we translating the meaning?


The way I understand it is that this phrase translates to something along the lines of "Are we going out?" or "Are we dating?". I believe they're using the word relations in a way you'd have intimate relations with someone as opposed to just being related to a person family wise... if that makes sense... I'm sleepy...


To me, "Are we related" sounds like you're asking someone if they are a relative of yours. Perhaps you are at a big family reunion and you see someone you don't know. You might ask, "Are we related?" The answer might be, "Yes, I'm Peter and Carol's daughter." Or perhaps, "No, I'm dating Peter and Carol's son, Nick."

When talking about a family member, one can say, a relative:

die Verwandte , der Verwandter = the relative

die Verwandten = the relatives

I can't really think of when anyone would ask, "Do we have a relationship?" If you're at a party, and you introduce yourself to one of the guests, a more natural question would be, "How do you know John?" There are many possible answers: "He's my brother" or "We work together" or "We went to school together" or even, "I don't know him. I came with my friend and he is in John's book club."


If for you being in a relationship is the same as being in the same family, than why not.

I would understand.


Beziehung means only a love relationship, like boyfriend and girlfriend, or also business relationship?


In British English, it sounds more natural to say : " Are we in a relationship?" / "I am in a relationship" etc. (i.e. <to be in a relationship>)


As a native speaker I would say that "Are we in a relationship?" is far too formal. You would generally use the term 'relationship' to describe other people or your own position to a third party. If you were speaking directly to your partner it would be more natural to say "Are we dating?" or "Are we going out?".

To be honest though, it's not a question you should have to ask.


"Do we have a relation?" Why is this correct? In English, a relation is a relative (such as a sister, a cousin, an uncle).
Is this really what the German question is asking? "Do we have a relative?"


To native speakers: can this phrase also be interpreted as: do we have someone in that (opposite or superior) organization. Like a spy or a contact person or someone up in a hyerarchical position? Hope I made myself clear.


Can anyone please simply explain the difference between ( Beziehung-Verbindung-Verhaeltnis) ??


i looked up "Beziehung"and it said contact


I notice Beziehung has no aspiration, id est the "h" is not pronounced. Are there any fix rules about the pronunciation of "h" in German or is it unpredictable as "honest" in English ?


The "h" in front of a vowel is generally pronounced, while behind it serves to stretch and open it. In the case of "Beziehung", I think it's not pronounced because it belongs to the vowel in front. Note, that the "ung" is a suffix and "zieh" comes from "ziehen" (to pull/draw). In words like "Freiheit" (where "heit" is the suffix) or "Seehund" you would pronounce the "h".


When can 'Beziehung' mean 'wedding'? Is 'Do we have a wedding?' (to attend) correct.


Friendzone detected


Morning after drunken party detected.


Wouldn't "Are we related" count?


Is this a sarcastic phrase? Meaning that its actual intention is to say "Go away"

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It could be, but not necessarily so.


Maybe are we related is better


"have we a relation ?" is a correct answer ? really ?


The sentence is not understandable. It can make several meanings.


I would say, Are you related?


The problem with that, is it is more of a relationship dating-wise, not as in family.


Coming on a little too strong, don't you think Duolingo?


Why does this not translate to "are we related?"? I'm not sure what the current correct translation" do we have a relationship?" even means.


The word "partner": as in marriage / as partnership / both?


'Are we going out?'


Maybe it means...Do we have a connection?


in turkish "┼čimdi biz neyiz?"


Good line to start the movie "50 first dates"


I don't know - do we?

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