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  5. "Địa ngục trên Trái Đất."

"Địa ngục trên Trái Đất."

Translation:Hell on Earth.

October 6, 2016



Not Trái Đất, in vietnamese it should be "mặt đất", "thế gian, or , "nhân gian".


Can you explain why??

  • Trái Đất: used when speaking physically, geographically, or astronomically of the planet
  • mặt đất: used to talk about the surface of the Earth and, consequently, what happens or lives on it
  • thế gian: Sino-Vietnamese word consisting of two terms 世 (lifetime) and 間 (realm, domain), meaning the world we live in
  • nhân gian: also a Sino-Vietnamese word from 人間 (person, human + realm, domain), meaning the human world, aka our world. thế gian and nhân gian are considered synonymous.


địa ngục 地獄

Mandarin dìyù; Cantonese dei6juk6

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