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Er... Dutch difficulties

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Dank jullie vrijwilligers allemaal voor deze leuke cursus. Ik vind hem elke dag verbeterd ... en ik ook!

I know that we are a long way from the Dutch course (Dutch is what I'm learning), but as plans are forming I wonder if you might consider adding some things that I've found especially interesting or difficult for me as an English speaker.

It is very difficult to decide when to use the word "er" because it's used in so many ways. "We hebben er negen kinderen", "Daar wonen er veel mannen", "Wat is er?", "Ik weet het en heb al jaren ervan geweten."

I can't seem to grasp when to use personal pronouns instead of impersonal ones, and when to use "hij" and "haar" is even harder than "de" and "het" (which I may never completely master, I've decided).

Separable words are especially hard (like all word-order issues). "Hij heeft er wat van eraan toegevoegd." (Wat zelf misschien fout is). Nothing seems to ease the difficulty except constant practice, which is what Duolingo does well.

Intensive adjectives: spierwit, moddervet, piepklein, piepdonker stapelgek, (and adverbs like dolgraag), etc. - they're strange, homey words that make me smile, and I would like to have practice in discerning when they are most frequently and naturally used. Similarly, with diminutives.

Thanks again for your wonderful work, and for letting us contribute our suggestions and corrections as we are able.

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