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"Θα κάνω τα πάντα για την τέχνη μου."

Translation:I will do everything for my art.

October 6, 2016



Θα κάνω τα πάντα για την αγάπη.


could we say : "i will do anything for my art"


Yes, and thank you it's been included.


'i will MAKE everything for my art' - what's wrong with this one? (I'm not a native English speaker)


Do and Make are translated into Greek as κάνω but there are different uses of these two words in Eng. Basically (not always!) "make" means construct, produce e.g. "I make a cake", or "I make furniture" etc but also :-( "I make a mistake". But "I do my best to help the children." Now, how do we know the difference ... sorry, it's just a matter of getting used to it. Here is a link: but you will be shocked at how many different expressions there are. here

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