"Are you French?"

Translation:Bạn là người Pháp?

October 6, 2016


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Is this missing a question indicator like "không?" The answer given is how a I would respond to the question "bạn là người nước ngoài"

October 6, 2016


You can add 'không' if it is like "Bạn có (có phải) là người Pháp không?'. The sentence is correct if it's used in casual dialogues, as it translates more literally to 'You are French?' than the other one

October 6, 2016


should accept không

April 3, 2019


FYI for a new mistake lesson: " You used the wrong word. Bạn là người Pháp hả?"

June 16, 2018


Indeed that "hả" is quite confusing

August 1, 2018


Another guessing game. The answer is a statement "Bạn là người Pháp" with a ? added at the end. We should guess that using the question form we have learned for Vietnamese sentences will be marked incorrect.

August 10, 2019
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