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Streak lost, but I did my required lessons!

Hi, I just logged on to do my lessons for the day and a message came up saying that I had lost my 122 day streak. It said I could reinstate my streak for a fee of $14.99 to help keep education free. Was my streak taken off me intentionally, or was this a mistake and if so can my streak be re-instated. I have never used a streak freeze, I just do at least 30XP everyday and I know I did it yesterday too. I am in the same time zone and finished my lessons about 9pm.

October 6, 2016



If you have been given that message, and you did not accept it, then there is a reasonable chance that you have lost your streak. I will just cross check a bit of information now.


The same happened to me!! I had a 177 day streak and yesterday I did my two lessons. I had time to do more if necessary, but since I was done and the app said I had completed my tasks for the day and I had a 178 day streak I left it.

This morning to my surprise one of the lessons I had done was not accounted and I had lost my streak. I am absolutely sure I had done it, this is so unfair!!


Same happened for me a couple months ago when I had a 178 day streak


Oh my. Please could someone help people to get together and take down information and take screen shots and try to trace down what is happening.
I am sorry my resources are stretched so thin. I also have a real life to try to support.

However information would be great if we can collect it , and try to provide enough of the right information, so that the issue can be identified.

As in what set of events commonly could be causing this affect.
It is trying to work out the set of events, that causes the affect.


ok, in the information I can see, you did have a streak length":122,"is_available_for_repair":true and a daily goal of 30. However you have a code that today you streak was not extended.
There is currently a test going on, whereby if you have not done the necessary points for extending your streak ( i.e. that in the previous day, in the settings you have set up, you did not earn a minimum of 30xp) that you will lose your streak.

In the test that is going on, in an endeavour to raise money to enable duolingo to be able to raise funds to continue, they are testing out various options to raise that money. In that - this is one of the tests they are evaluating.

Check out Keeping Duolingo free and sustainable

They have targeted areas that are not 'key' to actually learning on Duolingo.


Hi lindakanga,

You said "There is currently a test going on, whereby if you have not done the necessary points for extending your streak ( i.e. that in the previous day, in the settings you have set up, you did not earn a minimum of 30xp) that you will lose your streak."

But I did do the points for extending my streak. I have never missed a day since I started 122 days ago. Can I get my streak back?


Also the point made by hughcparker is likely :

  • you're working on a phone or a tablet, and your phone / tablet hasn't been able to synchronize its data with the server.

And also as Hugh has said, I strongly also recommend having a streak freeze in place, to help avoid these situations.


You can try, and write to https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/204728264-How-do-I-report-a-bug-
Try to include as much detail as possible in your report, while making the start of it very simple to understand for your case. I am of course happy to be quoted that I have checked your stats and that it says:
"streak length":122,"is_available_for_repair":true"
It would be worth reporting - as a bug - so that they might look into it - and see if there is a fault in their system. However there is no guarantee that any action will be taken regarding re-instating your streak.

However, if you still have the option to pay, available to you, I would suggest that is a more certain way to do this. As you will notice with the current announcement, Duolingo is currently working on ways to provide income streams, to offset the costs of running this site. They are trialing this system, and trying some different variations to it. It would be great to let them know this - that it appears there is a bug in the system.

They have focused on doing this for the streak length , I believe, in that while it is a positive thing to do for your language learning - to do a little every day, it is not critical for effectively advancing with your language learning. (skipping a day every now and again - on the bigger picture, is not a big impact. So they are seeking to develop some income streams, and this is one of them. Also ads will be being introduced, as per the announcement I pointed out. They are giving the introduction of ads a lot of thought, and there will be restrictions and rules to them, from what I understand.

From what you have described though - you do have a case that would be good for them to look into. You had been consistently doing 30xp minimum a day. A screen shot of your weekly progress would also be advantageous to include in the bug report.

I am sorry this is beyond my control to do anything about. I am also sorry this is such a rambling reply.


I do assure you - your streak will NOT have been taken off you intentionally !


The three most common reasons for losing a streak are:

  • your daily target is set to more XP than you did yesterday.

  • you're working on a phone or a tablet, and your phone / tablet hasn't been able to synchronise its data with the server.

  • you've travelled across timezones, and Duolingo's using the time zone you travelled from.

It sounds like the second one is the more likely. It's always a good idea to have a streak freeze in place if you're concerned about your streak, and it's always a good idea to check that your phone / tablet has had a chance to synchronise with the servers.


Thank you so much, this makes so much sense. Have a lingot!


Two times now in the past week I received a message about losing my streak freeze and I could earn it back on a quiz or pay to reinstate. This only happens when I open Duolingo on my email on my phone, but when I go to Duolingo directly from my phone, it does not say I've lost my streak. I do Duolingo daily and use streak protection lingots for safety measure since this happens. It's very confusing to get a message like that when I've completed all the lessons, usually by noon! I do extra lessons throughout the day and evening so I should never get a lost streak message.


Oh! Synchronizing data would explain that. I actually paid one time when I had not lost my streak because I didn't want to lose 240 days, or whatever it was at the time. Since then I've been extra cautious by adding the streak freeze.


I lost my 1006 streak today but I did exercises using my Iphone. However I can see Saturday and Sunday as 0XP both. Used I payment option but I am very diasappointed. I suppose there could be synchronise problems with my Iphone but how could I know...


Yes exactly. I also lost my 277 day streak in the same way.. any solution to it?


I emailed support a lot. Then suddenly my streak came back (it showed on the day circles at the bottom that I'd done every day's lessons, even the one I supposedly missed.) the actual streak number didn't come back at that point. I took a screen shot and emailed again. That's when they re instituted my streak. They seemed like they weren't going to do it though, until I had proof. Good luck!


I just raised a bug report on this issue. I did my required lessons yesterday and still got a message today that my streak was gone but I could buy it back by spending money. I hope this gets resolved, as it's rather upsetting.


Sorry for necroposting. I've managed to maintain a 42-day streak and on Friday (22/9-18) I've lost it.

Based on the comments I think I've encountered the problem with data synchronising and time zones. But I shouldn't have been encountering those problems at all. Although I've used Duolingo on a tablet in a neighbouring country, the country is using the same time zone as my native country. And besides, using a tablet or a phone shouldn't give me any problems at all since both of them use the Android-version.

I was traveling back to my native country on Friday, so I didn't have the opportunity to use my tablet. And when I opened the Duolingo app on my phone, the streak was reset.

And now I'm sitting at my computer after midnight and I regret that I couldn't log on earlier to maintain my streak or at least quickly use a streak freeze.

Not only did I miss my streak, I also lost my wager. I managed to complete 3 days of my weekly wager, and it's all gone as well.

Anyway, I've submitted a bug report according to @vivisaurus' advice.


I lost a streak over a year long today, I thought it was a scam at first when I was prompted to try Duolingo Plus. I now think that although the app recorded my final lesson yesterday (and awarded me treasure) it lost that data today and cancelled the streak I had. Not too bothered about it now that I think it’s probably a bug rather than a con, ha.


Yes, but it would be okay by me if I had the option to do a quiz or a practice or something. Instead of being asked to pay. Not everyone can pay at that point. Okay, I appreciate your help and I appreciate that it's good to donate to the project if you can, but not as part of the learning process.


In response to hughcparker I was working on my mobile phone yesterday 20th July 2019, I did lose the internet a few times, but then it was restored, and I continued. But Duolingo updates and upgrades its program, does it not. Shouldn’t they find a way of contacting you or alerting you, that your progress streak is incomplete? The system lies and tell you that it was completed, when the truth of the fact, is that it is not.


It happened to me too. A few months ago, for some days, although I performed the exercises correctly, almost every day I received a message, to warn me that since I had not exercised my streak Freeze had been used. I bought another one, performed the exercises, and the next day I was told the same thing. until one day the message was different: I had lost the streak and I could recover it by paying a certain amount. Of course I did not pay, because I don't need to see that number. But I was very annoyed by this fact: it is a trick to make money from an application that claims to be free. Somewhere on my computer there must still be the screenshot of that week, with the chart proving the regular execution of the exercises. So do not tell me that the exercises were not registered.


I sm a duolingo plus user and have religiously done my required daily lessons. I have checked through the day and i get credit for doing the exercises but when u come back half an hour later it has reverted to the previous count. How do i fix this? I have pyrchased a streak freeze now.


Hello, I lost my 41-day streak! I completed my lesson yesterday 20th July 2019 it said I met my goal. I log on to continue today 21st July 2019 and it stated that I lost my streak!? I have tried to research how to fix this and get back, what I should not have lost in the first place, but this is proving to be impossible. Is this a practice that goes unnoticed on Duolingo, does anyone know?


It happened to me too. They will ask you to pay a small sum to get the strike back. It didn't pay. I still have the screenshot with the scores achieved and then canceled.

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