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  5. "Myślisz o przeszłości?"

"Myślisz o przeszłości?"

Translation:Do you think about the past?

October 6, 2016



I know this is a course to learn Polish but on a slight tangent. I believe many English speakers would say 'Do you think OF the past' when discussing times gone by. Would this make the sentence take a different form in Polish?

October 6, 2016


In Polish:

-myśleć o - to think of the past, think of people, actions, probably the most general, mostly used

-myśleć nad = rozważać (coś) - consider

-myśleć z (żalem, optymizmem, wyprzedzeniem) - to think with regret, optimism; in advance

-myśleć na (własną rękę, boisku) - to think in some particular way, or in place (boisku - playing field)

and probably few others. You can check the collocations of myśleć here: http://www.nkjp.uni.lodz.pl/collocations.jsp

October 6, 2016


It would be the same, added versions with "of".

October 6, 2016


In audio it sounds as "przyszłości". Correct this!

September 29, 2017
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