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I'm moving to Germany!

100 days ago, I thought about giving Duolingo a go to see how far I could get. I chose German. It was partly a random choice, but also partly because it seemed the easiest for an English speaker.

100 days later I have completed my tree at level 20, searched online for jobs in Germany, written my CV / cover letter in German, and applied for (and got!) a job as an assistant English teacher in Düsseldorf. All thanks to Duolingo. I'm still trying to come to terms with how mad that is.

Danke, Duo!

Bis bald, Deutschland!

October 6, 2016



Wow this is amazing! Congratulations :D


Nice, good luck with it! Duo is awesome!


Du liebst den Traum! Viel Glück!


Super, das freut mich sehr für dich. Herzlichen Glückwunsch dazu und einen guten Start in Deutschland. Und ein Lingot von mir. Anna : )


Thanks everyone!! :D


Glückwunsch und Viel Glück!


That's very encouraging! And Düsseldorf is such a nice place. Hope you'll like it there! Brace yourself for carnival, though... Begins in November and ends in February...


Woah that is a long carnival! Haha okay thank you, I will be expecting it now!


Oh dear,wunderbar!!!you are an inspiration for all of us learning foreign languages!Best of luck!


No no no no no… Mein Deutsch ist noch ganz ganz elementar. I'm just chucking myself in the deep end to force myself to learn! :P


Congratulations :)

[deactivated user]

    Wow, Congratulations! Good luck on your travels, I hope all goes well :)


    Super, good luck!


    Viel Glück !! my comrade


    Congrats! I hope to reach that point myself. My only problem is making sure to log on every day!

    Do you mind if I ask what your Daily Goal setting was? If you did it in 100 days, I assume it was "Insane," right?


    Yeah insane, although I've been trying to make like 150 / 200 a day. It sounds like a lot but it racks up quickly if you do the timed exercises!


    Congratulations! I've been living in Ulm down in the South for 5 years. Germany has loads of things to do, see and experience. Now since you will be living near The Netherlands and Belgium, you should consider starting Dutch and French in Duolingo. Now that you have done the German tree, Dutch should be quite easy. It is somewhere between English and German, but is closer to German.


    Thank you for the advice :) I definitely won't stop here with Duolingo, however one step at a time I think! But yeah I've always wanted to learn French but it always seems too hard!

    I can see that you're learning many languages! Can I ask, obviously in German there are masculine/feminine/neuter words, and then in languages like French and Spanish there are as well… But, can there be words that are masculine for example in one language, and then feminine or neuter in another? Because if they weren't consistent throughout different languages that would really confuse me!


    Unfortunately the genders of nouns are completely inconsistent throughout different languages. I was once told by a native Spanish speaker that he can't take a language serious in which the moon is masculine and the sun is feminine... And for me as a native German speaker a cat will always be feminine, as long as it isn't specifically described as a 'male cat' (Kater).


    Aah it's as I feared..! That is a nightmare :/


    They are not consistent at all, unfortunately. German has a female bridge (die Brücke) for example, whereas Spanish and Italian have a masculine bridge (el puente, il ponte) . I always try to learn the word with its article in German. You do find some consistency between the Latin languages (Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, ...) but they are also not 100% consistent, but close.


    Wowwwww ! this is amazing ! I'm happy for you and I wish I can end up learning German like this ! Viel Glück ! ;)


    Congratulations :)


    Very cool! You should keep a blog about it and post your experiences!


    That is great. But you really need to watch out. Not many people in germany are nice and sweet. The most people in germany are actually mean and all of that stuff. And trust me if I say it. I lived there my hole life and if you don’t think before you say something you might get into big trouble.


    This gives me hope. I started a new job in Germany this week and, while my job is in English, it's been a real struggle settling in!


    Ah congratulations! Well you are completely immersed in it now, it won't be long before it clicks! Good luck :)


    I agree with what JackLewery have said. I'm an italian girl whose is in Germany since one year. At the beginnig I was terrified because I couldn't no words of German speaking. But today I'm proud of my results because (of course I don't speak it as a mothertongue) but I speak that better than one year ago. So don't give up! You will do it!! Best wishes ;) P.s. sorry for my english :D


    Fantastic! I'm hoping to get a job in Germany or Austria too. Any tips for online sites?


    Xing is the career social network that Germans most commonly use. It's like LinkedIn.


    There are many known websites such as Monster, or Indeed, and other ones such as Kalaydo, Meinestadt, Kimeta, or Stepstone. If you are looking for specific fields, you could take a look at other keywords. For example: "airlines + Berlin", "language school + Berlin" or "company name + Berlin".


    nice , am learning spanish




    Wow, the thing you have done is a really great. It is a big achievement you can be proud of. Not everyone can learn a language good enough to work in different country. I would also like to move to Europe. My family is now moving to Netherlands, because I want to work and live their. Thanks to guys from threemenandatruck.net for help with moving all our stuff.

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