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"Amerikából költözünk Magyarországra."

Translation:We move from America to Hungary.

October 6, 2016



Yoda-English again? "We move from Amerlca to Hungary" is rejected. Why not "To Hungary move to America we" then? (Reported if course).


Because then there would be two "to"'s in the sentence. :)
Anyway, this is probably a closer translation:

"We move to Hungary from America."

For "We move from America to Hungary", I would say "Amerikából Magyarországra költözünk."
But these are tiny differences, your version should certainly be accepted, along with Yoda's.


Looks like the original problem has been fixed, but I think this would be better in present progressive: "We are moving..". unless the speaker moves from the US to Hungary on a regular basis. Which I guess is possible, but less likely than just moving once.


I think both of your translations are correct and should be accepted. I love the Yoda-English moniker.


In the vast majority of these translations, without a specific context, the present progressive is a much more natural translation.


this is not good english


Using present perfect tense in English for this translation is unnatural... it is more correct to say "We are moving from America to Hungary" using the continuous present tense.

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