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  5. "Você pratica algum esporte?"

"Você pratica algum esporte?"

Translation:Do you do any sports?

February 12, 2014



The syllable stress is wrong... There´s a difference between "prática" Noun and " pratica" Verb.... In the above sentence the stress would be in "ti" Voce praTIca algum esporte.


Have you reported it? They take our reports into account.


No, I haven´t, but I will.. Thanks!!!


It's true MIKESENNA. I'm Brazilian and the sound is wrong. Está da palavra prática mesmo, e não de pratica. Que bom que você já reportou. E ainda faltou o "practise" na resposta.


I noticed this too. I got a "Type what you hear" task and typed "prática" based on what the lady said. Then I had to go look up the word in a dictionary to make sure I wasn't mishearing.


I’m a native English-speaking Canadian, and all I’ve EVER heard is “Do you PLAY any sport(s).”


I agree with you being US English. Re Hogg, I play at skiing I am not a good skier. I play at swimming I am not a good swimmer. I play at ice skating I am really terrible there.


How does one PLAY skiing? I like that verb even less than the "correct" DO.

I want to say "are you into any sports?", but for norteamericanos, that would include watching lying in front of the bube tube, beer in one hand and a bowl of Cheezies in the other.

For once, I have to go with the officially "correct" PRACTICE/PRACTISE.

Confession: I am only an unwelcome guest in your country.


Not sure what you mean by that last sentence, but "Do you play any sports" is the correct way to ask this question - as my fellow Canuck previously pointed out.


"Practise" is what I would use to say this, but regarding the English translation of the sentence given, "play" is correct--it's used much more than "practice" sports. It refers to sports that are a head-to-head battle in real time; sports in which one competes separately on time or distance or score are not "played". In other words, this exercise assumes a certain context that is not explicit.


Why can't it be SOME sport (algum)?


Does Duolingo count??? ;D


Nice try, but only if you run around at the same time.. The extra oxygen also helps memory retention, apparently... until you crash into something, that is. Loved your comment!


yes, why can't it be some sport?


We generally use "any" in questions. Exceptions are when offering something or when the answer is expected to be in the affirmative.


So "some sport" should be accepted, since the speaker might well suppose the answer would be in the affirmative. But it is still marked wrong.


I vote for the plural ("any sports") because I work with young adults who change sports with the season.


Do you PLAY any sports is more common in English.


How does one PLAY skiing? ice skating? hang gliding? scuba diving?


How to do PRACTICE skiing? Ice skating? Hang gliding? Scuba diving? ;? Languages aren't always as logical as we'd like them to be. "Do you PLAY any sports?" is the most correct and common way to ask this question...


How? You put on your skis and glide down a slope. You put on your skates and glide around the rink. We still can ask if someone practices any particular sport. That is what is meant by, "Do you practice some sport." What you say depends on what you mean!!!!


the example sentence above is to practice, not play some sport. i.e. You look healthy; do you practice some sport? You do practice skiing, ice skating, etc.


Why is the correct answer "Do you do any sport" instead of 'Do you practice some/any sport' ~ 1045hrs IST, 09 Jan 2021

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