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"Two hundred plus five hundred is seven hundred."

Translation:Kétszáz meg ötszáz az hétszáz.

October 6, 2016



although hetszaz begins by consonant, why do we use az?


As far as I know, the demonstrative az "that" does not change depending on what comes next, unlike the definite article a(z).

(Exception: if a postposition follows.)

This sentence is something like "200 + 500, that's 700", rather than "200 + 500 is the 700".


Yes, exactly!


Here, "az" is not a definite article but, rather, it stands for "that (is)". Which is a demonstrative, if I am not mistaken.


In one place kettoszaz was the correct answer and here it was not accepted. Why?I though they wanted ketto because of the het to accentuate the difference between them if the sound were unclear.

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