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"Bố tôi muốn tôi tắm trước khi ngủ."

Translation:My father wants me to bath before sleeping.

October 6, 2016



The noun is bath, the verb would be to bathe.


Agree, but 'to bathe' sounds unusual. It would be better translated as 'to take a bath' or 'to have a bath' - in my opinion EDIT: I'm currently living in Vietnam and no one I know has a bath. Would this be better translated as 'to wash' or 'to shower', or would that not be right?


I think that an additional translation for tắm would be bathe, which is the act of taking a bath


Instead of, not in addition to as "bath" is not a proper verb.


Again... bathe (verb) not bath (noun)


Agreed. It should be "My father wants me to BATHE." "bath" is not a verb.


Yes, the verb is bathe not bath but, again, in all my 76 years, I and most of my East Coast American friends, have normally said "take a bath" rather than Bathe. Plebian of us, I guess.


Meanwhile "bathe" is used in the UK.


Whatever the grammar in Vietnamese, "wants me to bathe" is idiomatic English wherein "wants" is the principle verb and "me to bathe" is an infinitive phrase serving as its object. In English, if the sentence is translated with this structure, "to bathe" is correct and "to bath" is odd or unusual at best. "To bath" would still be an infinitive which would presume "bath" to be a verb. English speakers do not say "I bath. "


"Take a bath" is the American idiom.


It's funny that the VN person in this conversation has it right, and the American person is arguing for the wrong thing! Way to go, TehVanarch, you are exactly right! Dan553966, you are fixated on what the idiom is, rather than agreeing with what TehVanarch is saying, which is that one cannot say "wants me to bath." You can say, as you say, "wants me to take a bath/have a bath," or you can say "wants me to bathe," but you CANNOT say, "wants me to bath"!!! But since, as you yourself point out, it is an idiom, the most correct translation of this sentence would be "...wants me to bathe."


I did not disagree with TehVanArch and I certainly DID NOT argue that "wants me to bath" is in any way acceptable. It is not. I rambled on about the grammar but I never said "to bathe" is incorrect. I simply noted that it isn't what I would usually say--in native American English.

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