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Та, І and А

I completed the skill 'Letters 1'. In the skill, they introduced three words for and. They were 'та', 'і' and 'а'. It was mentioned in one of the discussions of the skill that 'та' and 'і' can be replaced according to needs. I completely understand how I can use them. When the third synonym 'а' appeared, I tried using it for the sentence: Я а мама. My answer was marked incorrect. I am not sure about how and when the synonyms of 'and' are used any more. I would also like to know whether there are more synonyms and how and where can I use them.

So, can you tell me where I was wrong and how the synonyms of 'and' are used? :)

October 6, 2016



In Ukrainian, there are 4 words for and "і, а, та and й"

  • і, й and та are general words for and. Note, that й is used if the previous word ends in a vowel but this rule can be ignored.

  • а is used for contrast and is similar to the English whereas or yet For example; Мама і тато but Мама там а тато тут - "Mom is there **and/whereas/yet dad is there"


As a general rule і, й and та are usually fine anywhere but а is used pretty much anywhere where whereas would fit in English


Thank you for the clarification! :) I now understand the difference between the synonyms of and. :) So, to summarise, та can be used every where, і is usually used when there is a second word starting with I, a for contrast and й if the previous white ends in a vowel, right? :)

I have two more questions: The 'i' rule will not matter if the previous word ends with I, will it? The й rule will not matter if the next word begins with a vowel, will it?


Sorry forgot to mention the whole "і mess" :D. Fixed it now. Yes, personally and since Ukrainians love to make the language flow by changing words if the previous/next word ends/starts with і then use та just to make it easier to say. Same goes for й and vowels. Here are some examples:

Similar Things

  • Джон та Ізабела з Англії - John and Isabella are from English
  • Я хочу бачити маму і тата - I want to see mam and dad
  • Де Катила й Павло - Where are Katyla and Paul (Pawlo = Ukrainian Version of Paul)

To make you feel a bit better, even natives get this wrong :)

Different things

  • Вікторіа дівчина а Віктор хлопчик - Victoria is a girl and/whereas Victor is a boy
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