"La carne viene dall'anatra."

Translation:The meat comes from the duck.

February 7, 2013

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Ah, yes...as we remember "La tua anatra e la mia cena" (please excuse lack of accent mark- none on my keyboard). Sigh. Duo is a tough place for vegetarians!


I imagine that only the most militant of vegetarians would reject even learning how to talk about meat!


It's insensitive to all those Italian speaking ducks..


im a vegetarian and i think that would be stupid. the world doesnt have to revolve around their diet


There are plenty of cheese sandwiches as well, the life is tough especially for vegans. (Fortunately I am not)


Well there's plenty of vegan cheeses


all of which aren't cheese.


Dearest, have you been playing detective again? I told you not to look in the vegan tofu and cheese cupboard! Those are for... esteemed guests.


also bread and pasta, no love for celiacs


Vorrei pasta e pane senza glutine per favore :)


If we people shouldn't eat animals, then why are they made of meat?


Aren't people made of meat?


People are edible, so it goes. Especially with the futbol crowd.


I am made of meat.


If you can catch me


You are made of meat) and? Should you be eaten too?


I don't know about you guys, but I seem to have problems whenever I have to pronounce these shortened-combined words. DL just wouldn't accept it. I am staggered. Am I pronouncing them wrongly, or the system has problems recognizing them?


Don't worry. You are not alone.


Even duolingo "doesn't pronounce it right". I activated the mic and then played the recording and it marked "dall'anatra" as incorrect, so if you think you're saying it right, you probably are.


Am I the only one who cannot pass this checkpoint?


I feel so bad since in the last session I was feeding the ducks.


So them can grow to becomes dinner!


When I clicked on the new word 'dall' ', all it showed me was the same Italian word!


Yeah, that happens every once in a while in other languages, as well. I think a contributor is getting lazy and forgetting to input translations. ;-]

Just report it as "The dictionary hints on hover are wrong or missing." I do that whenever I see the same problem.


It is definitely an error and wrong and confusing. But calling the contributors lazy is not proper or kind or grateful. Would you call your teacher lazy if s/he forgot to correct something. Have you ever tried to deal with a huge bulk of work as appears on Duo? Have you never made an error? Really now? An apology is due.


Its not an error you change spelling depending on the subject


Hint - keep the very useful 'Tips & notes' page open in another window, or better, another screen. All is revealed.


I reported that just now.


At least it's not horse meat.


We don't know. The duck may have given the cook horse meat.


Unless you can hear it speak, how would you know it's hoarse?


I'm using the microphone and I shouldn't be penalized a heart because it can't understand my speech (I was saying it well!) :/ ...


How was I suppoesed to know whether "la carne" was making reference to a specific meat or meat in general? I put "Meat" instead of "The meat", following previous exercises and I think it should be accepted.


La carne viene dagli animale is Meat comes from the animals, but La carne viene dall'anatra is THE meat comes ftom the duck. How come two variants in one section? So confusing!!! SMH at how this course is set up


Is anyone else having trouble problems with the recording not accepting "dall'anatra?" Even when I let the recording say it, it won't accept it. Reported.


I had " la carne viene dagli animali" in this lesson Answer is "meat comes from the animals " I answered this question "la carne viene dall'anatra" as "Meat comes from the duck" and got it wrong for not putting " The" Why is it needed here and not there?


Is it possible to say "La carne viene da un'anatra" as in " The meat comes from a duck" or do Italians put definite articles everywhere?


it is possible, but the meaning of the sentence changes slightly (as your English translation).
Maybe DL wants the exact translation.
if you think that the English sentence doesn't make much sense, don't worry, it is the same thing for the italian one


There have been several questions begining 'la carne vienne...' and then some sort of animal is mentioned. Every time I said 'Meat comes from' and the answers were accepted. This time I said 'Meat comes from the duck' and it was rejected. I don't get it?


Marked wrong because I did not include “The” I think it’s about time that someone corrected this. In “The” is not necessary and is understood.


how can I distinguish when da means to and when it means from? For instance, va da me should it be goes to me or goes from me? Similarly, "tu corri da me", from the song "A casa d'Irene", does it mean you run to (or from) me? Can somebody explain please?


Why LA carne and not il carne?


nouns ending in "e" can be either feminine/masculine singular or feminine plural (they must be learned by heart or with their own article)
• (fem. sing.) la carne = the meat
• (masc. sing.) il cane = the dog
• (fem. pl.) le gonne = the skirts


Is "the meat comes from a duck" a common phrase to say when someone asks "what is that meat" or its just made to exercise "from"?


I don't know what DL wants to teach us, but the italian sentence doesn't make sense

  • Q -what meat is that? (che carne è quella?)
  • A -that is duck meat (quella è carne d'anatra)

  Q -where did that duck come from? (da dove viene quell'anatra?)
  A -it's Mexican duck meat (è carne d'anatra messicana)


My translation is better isn't it? You'd say 'this meat is duck'


While your reply is correct what Duo is try to do here is get you to use the expression: "comes from". Let's not forget these are grammar lessons. Just keep it simple and close to the meaning.


Very true - I'd only just started out today - but am getting into the swing of it now. Thanks for your advice!


I rather sensed you were new. Here are some user created sites which may come in useful. http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Duolingo_Wiki#Getting_Help


Thank you for that.


why is it that the computer gal always seems to mumble and not sound at all like what is supposed to have been said?


What kind of dark and sinical person harvests meat from a duck?


Wow. Talk about sensitive. It is teaching you multiple words, just in that order, you can use them in other senses.


This does not sound like any English I've ever heard (unless the duck is delivering meat or something). It should say the meat is duck (or redundantly, duck meat).


And duo is related to the ducks!!! Why?


Surely a lingot from those who wrote 'The dog comes from the duck'


Sounds like a new dance move.


sounds like a gift from Daffy, instead of aggravated assault and theft

[deactivated user]

    Was the duck holding meat? I hope it's that...I've never eaten duck before


    Do Italians actually say "meat" when referring to poultry? Or did some one steal the Duck's bistecca?


    the duck should have stayed away from the boot :(


    This is inappropriate useage, unless you are talking about a specific duck (maybe a hand raised pet). If the meaning is to define the kind of meat it is, the correct English would be "The meat is duck". ie from any duck.


    Does anyone even eat duck meat? If so, does it taste good?

    [deactivated user]

      Can't I say "the meat is duck" in this instance?


      You have to remember what the lesson is about. Dall' is the key. The sentence doesn't seem to make sense in either language. Best to translate rather than interpret.


      The duck is the meat or the duck givez us the meat

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