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"The kindergarten teacher is running on the big square behind the children and shouting."

Translation:Az óvónő a nagy téren a gyerekek mögött fut és kiabál.

October 6, 2016



Finally something realistic is happening to the kindergarten teacher...


They must have "borrowed" her wings. Or broom?


'Az óvónő fut a nagy téren a gyerekek után és kiabál' should be correct rather

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a gyerekek után - after the children ; a gyerekek mögött - behind the children


Aki anyanyelvi szinten beszéli ezt a hülye nyelvet még az se tudja kitölteni hibátlanra


So, why is "Az óvónő fut és kiabál a nagy téren a gyerekek mögött" such a mistake? How exactly does the meaning change? Does it at all? Because I think that keeping the verbs after the noun and not necessarily at the end of the sentence does not change its meaning.


There are two verbs here, though. The English explicitly has her running happening in the square behind the children, and implies that her shouting occurs in the same situation, whereas your Hungarian her shouting happening in the square behind the children, and implies that her running occurs in the same situation. I wouldn't think it a big mistake.


Ezt a mondatot magyar ember - ezen kívül - nem valószínű hogy kimondta. Viszont nyelvtanilag helyes. This sentence is unlikely to be uttered by a Hungarian man. However it is gramatically correct. Google translator.


How come "egy nagy téren" is not correct?


Because (Hungarian => English) "egy" => "a" and "a" => "the", and the English has "the".


Az ovono fut es kiabal a gyerekek mogott a nagy teren?


I think the focus of the sentence is on the fact that the kindergarten teacher is doing all this BEHIND THE CHILDREN. Your sentence places focus on either the kindergarten teacher (It is the kindergarten teacher who is doing this and not someone else), or on her running and shouting, throwing the rest in to give some idea about where she is doing her running and shouting.

You could, possibly, leave "a nagy teren" at the end.


Why is Az óvónő a nagy téren fut a gyerekek mögött és kiabál wrong ..please?

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