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"How much are you selling them for?"

Translation:Combien les vendez-vous ?

February 7, 2013



Why is "Combien tu les vends?" incorrect?


I believe what you wrote is acceptable--it's all about the intonation. I was marked wrong for "Combien vous les vendez?"


I would agree that that is correct! Especially if you're buying from a friend etc. However, duo probably has put the question in a more formal context, thinking that this is a formal transaction and that you don't know the seller. My answer was wrong, too.


Combien les vends tu was marked correctly just now.


"les" is a plural direct object so in a question you have to place it before the verb, and the verb has to be placed before the subject. If there is a question word you should start with it. In summary here is the right order: (question word) ; (direct object) ; verb ; subject

Depending on the context "you" can be translated as: - "tu" (informal you, always refers to a single person) - "vous" (formal you that refers to a single person or many people)


I am told "Combien vous les vendez?" Is incorrect. Could someone please explain when it is mandatory to invert into "verb-pronoun" in questions?


Now accepted, June 2018


You started with the question word (combien), that's correct. But it should be followed by a direct object (in this case "les") if there is one, then the verb (vendez) and the subject (vous) .


How about "Vous les vendez pour combien?


That's not grammatically correct however it's often used in an informal way of speaking.


I wrote "Pour combien les vendez-vous?". Correct and accepted. No problem.

it is "Combien les vendez-vous?" that worries me. (the DUO's translation).

I am not sure if you can say in English "How much are you selling them"? (without the "for"). But I am.pretty sure that you can't say in French "Combien les vendez-vous?" (without the "pour")

Does any one really know?


"Combien les vendez-vous?" is correct (native french speaker here). What is strange is that Duolinguo tells me that "Pour combien les vendez-vous?" is no correct anymore, but it is.


Doesn't "combien les vendez-vous" mean something like "how many/how much of those are you selling"? ...I always thought the price had to be questioned "ça coût combien"...


I agree, that's why it would be more correct to say "Pour combien les vendez-vous ?". Nevertheless u could say instead "Ça coûte combien ?" in an informal way. Which I belive wouldn't be thaught here.



«How many of them are you selling?» would be «Combien en vendez-vous?»

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Is there any different between leur and les? I used leur and it was marked incorrect.


In this case, leur would indicate that you are selling someone/a person! :P Leur is generally reserved for possession: leur chat = their cat. Les can be used to represent people (them) in a case there they/them is the direct object, as in "Je les vois" - I see them. Je le les donne - I give it to them.


I think your answer is not totally correct

1 - «les» : pural direct object Je donne un livre / je le donne / i give it.

je donne plusieurs livres / je les donne / I give them.

2 - «leur» (indirect object) . Je leur donne un livre / I give a book to them / je le leur donne.

I give some books to them / je leur donne quelques livres / je les leur donne.


I submitted "Combien est-ce que tu les vends?" but it told me I should have used "le vends". Shouldn't that be accepted because "les" is the direct pronoun for "them"?


Cosentino, I wrote exactly what you wrote and it was marked correct. 12/28 2018


Cosentino, the date it was accepted was 12/28 2019. My mistake.


I am such a nut. Today's date is January 28th, 2019 the date my answer was accepted. Sorry for all the confusion.


combien est-ce que tu les vends was corrected with combien les vends-tu.... if you want to use est-ce que does the combien go to the end of the question?


No it doesn't, "combien" is a question word. You will always start with a question word if there is one. It has been corrected because "Combien est-ce que tu les vends ?" means "how many do you sell it for?" instead of how much.


Kamil, I wrote "Combien est-ce-que tu les vends", today, January 28th, 2019 and it was marked correct.


Olrino, your sentence, "combien les vends-tu" or "...vendez-vous", seems to say to me , "how many of them do you sell", or "how many of them are you selling?". Does anybody else think the same? I certainly could be wrong.

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