"Small red birds sing in the park among the tall trees."

Translation:A parkban a magas fák között kicsi piros madarak énekelnek.

October 6, 2016

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Can someone explain to me why

"Kicsi pirós madarak a parkban a magas fák között énekelnek" is wrong?

It crossed out the word "magas" and gave the correct solution as "Kicsi pirós madarak a parkban a fák között énekelnek"

But the English sentence says TALL trees...


Your translation is correct (although, red is piros, not pirós.) :) Report it, please.


How are we supposed to figure out word order? I followed the order given in English, which was wrong, but I've been working on my Hungarian for five years and word order STILL baffles me. I understand that it usually has to do with what needs to be emphasized, and verbs seem to usually come at the end of sentences, but beyond that I still don't have a clue. If this app could help with that, it would wonderful.


Quick tip: Hungarian sentences usually have a topic and a focus. The topic is the first item in the sentence. Here, for instance, you want to talk about what's going on in the park. Kind of "Look at this park, I'm gonna tell you know what is happening in there."
The focus/emphasis of the sentence is what is right in front of the verb. You're saying that it's red birds that are singing, not the neighbour's cat or something.

Generally, all six possible word orders bewteen "park", "birds" and "singing" should be acceptable, albeit some are a bit uncommon. I'll shorten the original sentence for safety reasons.
A parkban piros madarak énekelnek. - In the park, red birds are singing.
Piros madarak a parkban énekelnek. - Red birds are singing in the park.
Piros madarak énekelnek a parkban. - It is red birds that are singing. They're in the park.
A parkban énekelnek piros madarak. - In the park red birds are singing. (Pretty similar to the second variation.)

Putting the verb in front is a bit more uncommon, since that move puts the verb itself in the focus.
Énekelnek piros madarak a parkban. - Red birds are singing in the park. Not flying or something.
Énekelnek a parkban piros madarak. - In the park, red birds are singing. They might do other things elsewhere.

Usually it helps getting an idea of the focus if you emphasise the words in front of the verbs while speaking: "A parkban piros madarak énekelnek."

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    Could someone explain why the following is not correct? --> Kicsi piros madarak a parkban énekelnek a magas fák között.


    That should be a valid translation, too.

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      Why is magas not on the correct answer?

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