"He usually goes later."

Translation:Αυτός συνήθως πηγαίνει αργότερα.

October 6, 2016



I thought word order in Greek was easy going. I put συνήθος first.

October 6, 2016


Your thought was right. In general, you can change the word order in most sentences in modern Greek, but you must be careful when doing so, as you can accidentally stress wrong things. For example:

  • Συνήθως αυτός πηγαίνει αργότερα. (you stress "he", implying that he's the only one who goes later)
  • Συνήθως αργότερα πηγαίνει αυτός. (you stress "later", implying that someone else goes earlier)

I hope that this helps. :-)

October 6, 2016
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