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  5. "Εσύ πίνεις πάρα πολύ κρασί."

"Εσύ πίνεις πάρα πολύ κρασί."

Translation:You drink too much wine.

October 6, 2016



'too much' or 'very much'?


Both of them are correct here. In modern Greek there's no way to distinguish "very" from "too", so it depends on the context. For example:

  • Αυτός πίνει (πάρα) πολύ κρασί όταν βγαίνει έξω. = He drinks a lot of/ too much wine when he goes out. (both acceptable)
  • Αυτός πίνει (πάρα) πολύ κρασί για την ηλικία του. = He drinks too much wine for his age. (he should drink less)

I hope that this helps. :-)


But "very much" is marked as mistake...


You drink very much wine is not really English; one would probably say "you drink a lot of wine" to convey that thought.


In this case "drinks very much wine" doesn't sound right in English, basically the same greek word will correspond to 'too much' or 'very much' in English as appropriate


+1 for this. I'm fairly sure it's correct.


is "too much, a lot" is πάρα πολύ or just πάρα? Only πάρα is highlighted in the exercise when the word is introduced but it is translated as "too much, a lot". In this case why do we need πολύ if πάρα already conveys that expression. Maybe πάρα πολύ should be highlighted together?

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Πάρα does not stand on its own; it needs to be followed by πολύ. It is the equivalent of 'too' here and expresses the 'excessive'.
That's why both words are highlighted in the hints for πάρα. When you check the hints for πολύ though, there are translations for either the combination or this word on its own.


thank you. I figured by now that some adverbs consist of two words, but this one was my first encounter.

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