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XP Gained by Bots and Classroom XP Assignment

Is the XP that a student gains while chatting with a bot recorded as progress on an XP assignment via Duolingo Classroom?

I have a student who I assigned a goal of 75 XP at 1:00 Eastern Standard Time, due next Thursday. She has been using the App in class to chat only with Bots, gaining XP during the conversation.

I see the XP gain on her Duolingo page on her Macbook, but I don't see the XP gain in the Classroom Dashboard.

Is there a delay?

October 6, 2016



I came here to ask the same thing! I'm a member of one of my classrooms, and my XP didn't show up at all, but since it is only on the iPhone app, maybe DuoLingo is waiting until it is rolled out every where? Hopefully we get "official word" soon.


The XP gained from bots isn't counted as part of classroom assignments. Neither is immersion. The only thing that counts is XP earned from learning new skills or strengthening old ones.


Me, too! A lot of students love using the Bot feature, but I it doesn't count as XP on my Classroom Dashboard. I would like this to be included on the Dashboard so that I don't have to ask those students to show me their XP on their own computers.

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