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Dutch college

Basically I'm an American citizen, I really love the Netherlands and would love to go to college there for at least one year. Has anyone done this? If so, would you mind naming some colleges that give credits that are also transferrable to American colleges, and that speak English? I really want to be able to immerse myself fully in the language and culture, and still do school without having to push off my learning. Thank you :D

edit ps: It's just for an associates degree

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You can get along in colleges fine (>95% of Dutch can speak English, save for the elderly people whose obliged-to-have-teached foreign language was German), but not many colleges are fully English-speaking. As far as I know, Groningen is a very open and friendly college city (and extremely bike-friendly, even for Dutch standards!), but I'm afraid I don't know much further on this topic.

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Thank you :D

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There are different types of higher education in the Netherlands (different levels). We have universiteiten (universities), Hogescholen (colleges) and MBO (no clue what the American equivalent is..). I'm not that familiar with MBO and Hogescholen, so I cannot say anything about them. However, I do know a few things about universiteiten. :)

As far as I know, every university in the Netherlands offers English courses. You need to check their websites which courses are in English. Here is a list with all universities in the Netherlands. :)

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I cannot really say anything about universities but I went to the hogeschool Zuyd in Maastricht. It's a very nice city to live in, not that big and with a nice atmosphere. The school is mainly focused on languages and also offers courses for international students. But I think most universites and hogescholen only accept foreign studens from universities they have a partnership for. Erasmus students for example.

And here's a video of a radio interview with a Korean exchange student. He came to study in the Netherlands and learning Dutch and now (5 years in the Netherlands at the time of the interview) he's able to do radio interviews and write columns in the newspaper. Might be inspirational for you :)


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Erasmus University in Rotterdam has an excellent business program, Wageningen is highest in ranking at the moment in the Netherlands, Delft and Eindhoven and Twente are the technical universities. I studied at Erasmus University. Also a nice city. No Dutch is no problem. I agree with Osnakez that Groningen is very nice. It's one of the best student-cities, since it's nice and small and about half of the population is student. All universities offer courses for foreign students and refugees. Special scolarships are available. Just check the websites. Even in the Dutch programs, many of the courses are in English, because so many of the professors can't speak Dutch properly. Scientific jobs are very global and English is spoken at many places in universities.

The HBO-schools are university of applied scienced and are kind of higher vocational training. MBO-schools (ROC's and AOC's) are mediate vocation training. Grades will not count for associate degrees.

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I am studying at the Erasmus University. The Erasmus has many great international programs such as 'International Business Administration' and 'Communication and Media'. There are many American students doing an exchange program at the University. Being a Dutch student myself, I am sure that most students will be more than willing to help you learning the language and learn you everything about the culture! I am currently writing my Bachelor thesis on product placements in YouTube videos. I am looking for more American participants. It would be great if you have time to fill out my survey; https://erasmusuniversity.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_0BSvdCJcRpYVptj

The survey contains a video of the Dutch online travel series 'Wander' and it includes some information in Dutch. so it might be a good way to practice Dutch as well :)

1 year ago

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