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Tell me what language you are learning. Why did you choose this language?

October 6, 2016



Spanish- I live in the US, which has a lot of Spanish speakers.
Esperanto- I love the idea of the international language and Esperanto is wonderful, fun, and easy.
Italian- I'm a citizen who can't read my own mail.


If you want to know which languages people are learning, have a look at the courses page. The numbers are all on there.


I was writing this to my Club Members. I have no desire to know what languages everyone is learning. Thanks though.


Oh. Then you've misunderstood how these forums work. These forums are public, and are available to any member of the Duolingo community. We don't each get to decide that one of the posts is only available to us and our friends.


I am learning french because stupid ten year old me didn't want to learn Spanish just because i wanted to be different. Bad idea, but i'm sticking with it. I should be learning Spanish though.

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