"Ich trinke das Wasser."

Translation:I drink the water.

February 7, 2013

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in a previous example we said "den Apfel" when apfel was an object, but here "das Wasser" is an object too and we don't change "das" to a new form like "den", why??


Apfel is a masculine noun that uses "der" when it is the subject of a sentence (nominative case). When masculine nouns become the direct object, der become den (accusative case). Nasser is a neutral noun that uses das as the object. Das remains das in the accusative case.

Der becomes den Das stays das Die stays die

For the genitive case (usually caused by the inclusion of certain prepositions...I don't think this exists in English?) der becomes dem, das becomes also dem (not confusing at all), and die become der (totally not confusing at all, haha!)


Hi Dear Stuart Stribling//Excuseme "Nasser is a neutral orWasser?


Hi Dear Stuart Stribling//Excuseme "Nasser is a neutral or Wasser?


Please describe the genitive case in English


"I am drinking water", why wouldn't that be valid? One would seldom say: "...the water", surely?


If the article is in the original German sentence, then you should include it in the English translation, unless it is standard for English to never use it. In this case, I drink the water is an acceptable English sentence. If the sentence was Ich trinke Wasser, then your suggestion would be acceptable.


Because it uses ‘das’ ,so we should use ‘the’

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    Why die is used in milch and das in wasser..........


    Has anyon else noticed that when it asks you tosay something you can tap the microphone abd then play what she says and it will take and be correct?


    but then you're not really learning, now are you? lol


    What is the differance between "I drink the water" and "I am drinking the water"? Does German make a distinction


    Would saying "Ich bin trinke das Wasser" be like saying "I am drinking the water"?


    The words "am" or "is" are implied within the verb ending. So "Ich bin trinke" would be repetitious and sound like "I am am drinking...". This is why the endings are paralleled (Ich = trinke, Du = trinkst) to imply if "am" or "is" will be used.

    No need for bin here =)


    Couldn't, then, this be shortened to "Trinke Wasser"? = I drink water.


    "Ich trinke das Wasser" could maybe also be interpreted as "I am drinking the water" (...that you bought me / ...from the well) -- 'das' in English would then be a demonstrative trying to distinguish it from a generic construction of "I am drinking water".


    Hi. I am confused. Why do it uses "das" on Apfel. Isn't Apfel an object?


    Why is "I am drinking water" wrong? :-/


    In English it is rare, but occasionally one would say I drink the water. It is a version of "drinking the Kool-aid" meaning joining in something.


    there is no such word "the water"


    Guys i am having a problem with genders of nouns any external website that can help?


    Why das and not die or der? I noticed this was die and another about water was die.


    I drink the water was marked wrong ?


    It should say I AM DRINKING the water but not in big letters

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