"She has to complain."

Translation:Rhaid iddi hi gwyno.

October 6, 2016

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Shouldn't there be a soft mutation after rhaid iddi hi? i.e. wyno?


There is, "Cwyno" is the base form of the verb. I'd recommend using "Ap geiriaduron" on IOS and Android which can tell you if a word has been mutated when you put it in.


I was wondering where the mutation was and then realised it must be cwyno!


Would "Rhaid iddi hi gonan", be acceptable here? I picked up 'conan' from watching Pobol y Cwm.


I suspect "conan" is a little too regional for Duolingo. However, it's a great word, so please feel free to use it when talking to Welsh speakers.


Why is "Rhaid i hi gwyno" wrong?


Several prepositions change their form when used with pronouns, and i is one of those. In the colloquial language, i only changes with e/o, hi and nhw:

  • iddo fe/fo
  • iddi hi
  • iddyn nhw

See the examples in the course notes for the section 'Must and Must Not' - https://www.duolingo.com/skill/cy/MustMustNot/tips-and-notes


Good mnemonic for remembering "cwyno": it sounds rather like English "whine" (i am not sure if it is etymologically related).

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