"Ez kevés rizs."

Translation:This is a small amount of rice.

October 6, 2016

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This is a little bit of rice. How is this not correct. I though we were referring to amount, not size


This is not about size. But "This is little rice" says that the amount of rice is not enough. And that is also what the Hungarian sentence says. "This is a little bit of rice", on the other hand, says only that this is a small amount of rice.


Born in Minnesota, growing up in the Midwest and the East Coast and attending university in the South... I for one, have never heard that uttered. Possibly in England, but we would look at you strangely and think to ourselves... "Compared to what?" Is rice normally bigger? Perhaps Nem elég rizs... or something like that. But, saying "This is little rice." Is a nearly meaningless sentence. Just my two cents...


I don't think I'd ever express that in English that way. I'd tend to say either "This is insufficient rice" or "This isn't enough rice". However I have trained myself to respond as the program requires :-)


--------- except that the opposite "this is big/large rice " doesn't talk about the quantity but about the size (of the grains of rice ) . . .

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Yes. The English translation makes it sound like a particularly tiny grain of rice.


Most frustrating !!!!!!!!!!!


This is a meagre amount of rice

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