"Dych chi'n gwerthu dillad?"

Translation:Do you sell clothes?

October 7, 2016

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Just when I thought I'd mastered the 'ch' and the 'r' they throw in an 'll' straight after and I'm lost...


If you mean pronunciation wise it is pronounced by putting your toungue in the position it is in for an "l" and blowing out harshly. You might see on the around that somepeople say that it's pronounced like "shl", but this is a really bad way of approximating it.


Diolch, Ellis! Lots of practice and I can now manage the sound on its own (pretty much), but still struggling to jump from one to the next - lingual dexterity lacking, more practice needed!


you could use a backchaining strategy aka start with -llad then di-llad, then thu dillad then gwer thu dill ad = used to use it with my EFL students... its because it stops your brain auto piloting to how you think it should sound - aka tongue going into first language positions as a default... let me know if it works for you! I've now been using it with my Speech and Language Therapy course... v useful


Thank you! I've tried it and it works very well - I will do this whenever I hit a difficult sequence. Much obliged!

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