"Hvem har eplet?"

Translation:Who has the apple?

October 7, 2016



I keep wanting to answer, Who has an apple? Not, Who has THE apple. The one and only apple....lol


"Eple" and "Eplet" sounds very much similar to me. Can anyone please explain the difference in pronunciation?


There is no difference actually, t is silent in eplet. But you can distinguish between 'the apple' and 'an apple', as 'apple' only will hardly be used. May be helpful while answering voice questions here.


It reminds me of shakespearean english. Who haveth the apple?


Not to nitpick, but shouldn't it be hath?


"Who's the apple" means who IS the apple. No native English speaker would use this contraction to say "who has." (Not in North America, anyway.)


Not in the UK either. You may hear "whose apple (is this)?" which sounds the same but has a subtly different meaning; more like "to whom does this apple belong?".


Is the definite article "the" hidden in the word "eplet" or is it implied?


The "-(e)t" in "eplet" is a definite suffix. Basically, a definite article glued on to the end of the word.

The root of the noun is just "eple".


Is there a difference in pronunciation between eple and eplet?


i wrote "who have the apple"and it comes to be wrong


I can't tell you a rule to follow, but this really should be "has" not "have". It is usually "has" when the possessor is singular, and "have" for a plural; but there are exceptions.

  • Who has the apple?
  • He has the apple.
  • She has the apple.
  • Janet has the apple.


  • I have the apple.
  • We have the apple.
  • They have the apple.
  • Janet and John have the apple.


It did not accept : who does have the apple? Weird :(


That is a technically valid translation, but I doubt any native English speaker would use that phrase in normal conversation.

If it was used, it would be to emphasise "does" and probably part of conversation like this:

  • Who has the apple?
  • I don't have it.
  • Me neither.
  • Sam and Jo don't have it either.
  • So who does have the apple?

[deactivated user]

    shouldn't it be who has apple? one word should only be ONE WORD.


    "Eplet" is the definite singular form, which translates to "the apple".

    English uses a definite article ("the") where Norwegian uses a definite suffix ("-(e)t"), which is why one word turns into two.


    Is there a way to distinguish 'eplet' and 'epler'? I find them both to be very similar in pronunciation :P

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