"Puoi pulire il tappeto?"

Translation:Can you clean the rug?

February 8, 2013

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Carpet? Rug? Are they not the same!


Why not "May you clean the carpet?"


"May you clean the carpet" is not proper English. May is used at the beginning of a sentence for something you are asking to do yourself.


Just to add to your explanation, which is pretty good. May here is used as a form of asking for permission, which causes the question to be illogical in 'most' circumstances.


why can't I use the verb "wash" instead of verb "clean"?!? "Can you wash the carpet?"...


Does Italian use "can" in the same sense as English, where it can actually mean "Would you please clean the carpet"?


I believe it does.


I'd rather not.


Isn't "are you able to clean the rug?" the same thing


In this part of the world (New Zealand) , carpet usually refers to a wall to wall floor covering while the words rug and mat are used interchangeably for a smaller floor covering- mat being more widely used in my experience. I wrote mat, as I never say rug but it was marked wrong. I'm reporting but have little hope the moderators will take any notice. Non English speakers, if you ask for a rug in NZ, unless you specify a floor rug, you are more likely to be given a 'coperta'- travel or mohair style rug, or even a blanket.

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